The AQVA Water Laboratory makes the well water, natural water and city water analyses quick and accurate using the latest approved methods and equipment. You will be assured of the microbiological and chemical physiological properties of your using and drinking water. Safety and health.

Your water sample should be mailed directly to our laboratory where it will be analysed. The completion time of the analysis depends somewhat on its type and extent. Typically analysis is completed in one to two weeks.

You can also bring a water sample directly to us, Haukilahdenkatu 4, 00550 Helsinki.

AQVA's Water Analysis Kit includes sampling bottles and pre-paid return packs that you can leave in any regular mailbox without having to pack or need to be taken to the post office.

Take the sample water as instructed

  • Fill in the sample information form
  • Choose your desired water analysis on our website and pay it through our online store
  • Put the sample bottles back in the package
  • Take the package to the nearest post office
  • You will receive the results of the analysis and a possible water purification offer by email.

In watercourses, water quality may change due to annual rainfall or seasons, so check-up is recommended every couple of years. Water quality affects piping, water-using equipment and health.

For more information about water analyses, contact

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