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Includes the following configurations:

  • Coliform bacteria
  • Enterococci
  • Escherichia coli

Intestinal enterococcus, like E. coli, are expression of faeces contamination, expressing the risk of developing water-borne intestinal infection. Enterococci are often found in excreta in people and in warm animals, but they can also be derived from the environment. As the enterococcus persist in the environment, they can express long before the contamination of the sampling moment.

As an enterococcus, E. coli is an animal or human excrete bacteria. If E. coli is found in water, it is contaminated and therefore non-potable without a purification device.

Coliforms are natural / soil-borne bacteria and occur in open and natural waters. Wells are usually accessed to inadequate or damaged sealing, or through a natural route through the soil, where the repair or disinfection of the card card-body can only be of a temporary nature. Coliform bacteria usually occur in holes in the card card-bodys, but are not harmful to humans in small amounts, but are indicative of quality and possible need for water treatment.

Product code: LAB13

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