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Carrying drinking water to a cabin situated on an island is hard work, and it forms a lot of debris. Tiia Söderholm and her siblings solved their drinking water problems at their island cabin with the AQVA PURE 2 reverse osmosis system.

A private island is an all-time dream for many Finns: an isolated location, separate from the rest of the world, where there is always somewhere to swim as well as true peace and quiet. The cherry on top of this is the stunning lake views and Finland's never-ending summer nights.

However, taking belongings, equipment and modern luxuries to the island is challenging. Everything that is consumed at the cabin has to be personally taken there by boat - usually, even the most everyday things like drinking water.

"You begin to truly appreciate drinking water that runs from a tap when you have a cabin on an island", states Tiia Söderholm.

Söderholm, her siblings and their father have shared ownership of an island cabin. They have acquired an AQVA PURE 2 reverse osmosis system, which purifies the surrounding lake water and makes it suitable for drinking.

“This is a brilliant invention! Amazing. It was such a liberating feeling when drinking water was available from the tap just like that”, says Söderholm.

Clean drinking water makes it easier to go to the island cabin and spend time there

“Up to now, carrying water and, for example, rinsing vegetables has been difficult. Now, everything is easier under the tap”, Söderholm says. “Before, when we have had to carry water to the cabin, we have had to consider what it will be enough for. Can this water still be used to boil the potatoes?”

Sometimes, the cabin is used by a larger group, and there are small children among them. When visiting the cabin, there are plenty of belongings to take; there is a camp bed as well as a high chair too. According to Söderholm, five 5-litre drinking water canisters can easily be consumed during a weekend.

“The canisters are often almost forgotten while shopping, and taking them by boat is very difficult. We are also people who recycle, so the amount of waste has horrified us. A huge amount of plastic is accumulated during the summer holiday."

The AQVA PURE 2 system has made the island cabin an even more attractive place to spend time.

“We will certainly spend more time at the cabin in the future”, considers Söderholm. 

The AQVA PURE 2 reverse osmosis system easily provides drinking water

The AQVA PURE 2 reverse osmosis system, which has been developed in Finland and has been installed at Söderholm’s cabin, is an efficient and compact solution for problems concerning the pureness and sufficiency of drinking water. Despite its small size, it quickly produces a large amount of clean drinking water - up to 16 litres per hour. In addition, the tank can hold 10 litres of ready-to-use water, so there is enough water even at high consumption peaks.

The power of the AQVA PURE 2 system is based on reverse osmosis. Only clean water molecules can pass through the device’s large-surfaced reverse osmosis membrane. All in all, the equipment filters 85 - 99.9 % of bacteria, pollution, microplastics, calcium, bad taste and odour, and various harmful chemical compounds from the water. The equipment also filters blue-green algae from the water. All that is remaining is clean, tasty, and high-quality drinking water. Just before the water runs from the tap, the water still runs through post-filtering. Post-filtering raises the water’s pH level and removes any bad taste odours that may form from water stagnating in the water tank, as well as makes it taste fresh.

Maintaining the equipment is effortless. Only the filter cartridges need to be replaced approximately once a year. Installation is also easy, although it is recommended that an HVAC professional carries out the installation work.

“The installation was not difficult at all, and the device fits well in the kitchen’s under-sink cupboard at the cabin”, Söderholm says.

The reliable AQVA PURE 2 reverse osmosis system cleans well and lake water

AQVA PURE 2 is an affordable, low-threshold water treatment solution for many different needs. The device can make even poor-quality well water completely potable.

There used to be a well at Söderholm’s cabin. However, it required maintenance measures, such as removing sand from the bottom, and the quality of the water was never tested.

By purifying the water directly from the lake, we can avoid this trouble too, and we can be certain of the water quality”, Söderholm considers.

All in all, the AQVA PURE 2 is a very reliable entity since it has no small or moving parts, which could get broken. So, there is no need to carry drinking water to the island, not even just in case.

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