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    We use electronic billing and we hope to receive bills primarily in electronic form. If your business does not have the ability to deliver e-invoices or send invoices by e-mail, you can send paper invoices to the scan service. We will not receive invoices for our visit address.

    Receiving e-invoices

    E-invoicing address: 003723513378
    Intermediate identifier when sending a banking network: NDEAFIHH

    Receiving invoices by e-mail to the scanning service

    We hope you will only send invoices to this address. Invoices are sent as PDF attachments and the attachments must be in the same file with the invoice itself. E-mail address: aqva@scan.tradeconnector.fi. Please note that you only can attach one invoice per email.

    • The message must not have other addresses (To:) as recipients. Copy (Cc:) and Bcc addresses may be used in addition to the actual recipient.
    •  It is advisable to write the word “Invoice” in the message header and the number of the attached invoice.
    • The invoice must be attached to the email as a PDF file. Some scanning devices attach a PDF to the body of an email and cannot process it. The information in the body of the invoice will not be passed on.
    • You can only have one PDF file with only one invoice per email. If there are other files in the email, they will be added to the invoice as attachments if the recipient has selected this option. These other attachments must not be PDF files.
    • An automatic reply of successful receipt and format verification of the PDF attachment is sent to the sender. In the event of an error, the notification will also be sent by email to the sender of the invoice, in which case the invoice will have to be resubmitted.

    Receiving invoices by mail to the scanning service

    The address information must be complete both on the invoice and on the envelope so that the bill can be conveyed quickly and reliably to the recipient.

    Aqva Finland Oy
    @aqva_finland.fi@             NOTE: This is mandatory for paper invoices and recommended for email invoices.
    PL 1000
    00781 HELSINKI

    Send only the invoice material to the scan address. These mails are automatically read to our resume account, and no other material (such as receipts, business gifts, credit cards and admission tickets) reaches its recipient through this.
    Preferably use text only black on a white background: it gives the clearest result of the invoice for the identification of the data.

    Tilaa uutiskirje

    Uutiskirjeen tilaajana saat ensimmäisenä tiedon uutuuksista ja eduista sekä ajankohtaista tietoa.