AB (anti-blocking) feature in the faucet
The faucet of DELABIE combinations has an AB anti-blocking system.
It protects the faucet from misuse and unnecessary water consumption. Anti-blocking prevents the valve from being locked on intentionally,
so that no water is left to drain even if the knob is not released.
Direct flushing system
Delabie combinations have direct toilet flush system models. The direct flush system does not have a separate flush tank,
so the inlet water flow/liter volume must be taken into account in the design.
The minimum water flow rate of the system is 1 l/s, the pipe size is 20/22 mm. Connectors ¾ ”- 1”.
As the number of combinations in the same network increases, the flow and size of the piping must be increased, too.
The chart can be found in the manufacturer's DELABIE catalog on page 250/251,.
The values ​​in the table are indicative.
So far, the AB (anti-blocking) feature is not available for direct flush models.
NOTE! The direct flush valve of a toilet requires at least:
  • 20 mm water pipe
  • ¾ ”joint
  • Water flow min. 1 l/s
Toilet with six liter flush tank
Delabie combinations also feature a flush tank design, which means that there are no direct flush pipe and water flow restrictions.
In addition, it is possible to have a mechanical shut-off valve that automatically shuts off the water supply if too much water is consumed.
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