Product code: AQ010-XL-V1


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Replacement filter package for AQ010-XL, Pure RO-system and line filter package.

 All filters are replaced annualy.

Package includes also filters that are replaced at least once per year:

    • AQMF1-XL, mechanical 1 µm prefilter can be replaced more than once per year depencing on the sediment cntent of the raw water
    • AQ052X Max filter
    • AQCB-XL Active carbon block
  • Replacement filter set for Pure2 reverseosmosis system AQ006V includes filters:
  • 5 µm sediment filter (AQMF5-M)
  • active carbon block filter (AQCB-M)
  • Post carbn filter(AQ006-PC)
  • post mineralization (AQ006-PM)

Product code: AQ010-XL-V1

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