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Viking Maxi. Includes B150+ filter

Aquaphor Viking Filters

  • The only filter that can purify all water in a house or an apartament, not only from rust and sand, but also chlorine, organic chemicals and heavy metals.
  • Aquaphor Viking will not only allow you to enjoy clean drinking water, but also cleaner water for washing and bathing, ensuring that everyone can experience benefits from improved health and beauty.
  • Aquaphor Viking is a a very powerful water purification tool. Thanks to its stainless steel body Viking will serve you for many years.
  • Viking is easy to install even in the hardest places.
  • Aquaphor Viking housings are used in a set with replacement filter cartridges for cold or hot tap water purification.
  • Cartridges have composite carbon-block structure. Its optimal combination of unique AQUALEN fibrous and granular components provide a supreme performance of removing different impurities from the tap water.

Depending on the used replacement cartridge AQUAPHOR Viking can carry out various tasks on purification of water:

  • Replacement filter cartridge B520-13 - complex purification of cold water. Cartridge effectively removes chlorine, organic compounds, heavy metals, sediment, sand and rust particles in water.
  • Replacement filter cartridge B520-14 - complex purification of hot water. Cartridge effectively removes organic compounds, heavy metals, sediment, sand and rust particles in water.

Product code: D007-D008

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Kaivossamme on kuvan näköinen Viking suodatin systeemi. Itse filteri on kooltaan h=500, L=140. (VFPAT)\nMitä mahtaa maksaa kyseiset pelkät suodatinpatruunat ja saako niitä esim. postitse?\nYstävällisin terveisin Risto Hilska (Loviisa)


Hei ja kiitos kysymyksestänne. Tuotekoodiilla D008 löytyy tarvittava vaihtopatruuna. Tilaaminen onnistuu verkkokaupan kautta ja postitoimitus on mahdollinen.


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