Product code: 618723210


629,00 €

inc. vat. 24.00 %

Deliverytime is about 10 days

Cadet is a perfect choice for smaller places, e.g site huts or wherever there is a shortage of space. 

Simple design, curved surfaces and user-friendly form makes cleaning easy and effortless. 

  • Designer: Troels Bøgely
  • Material: Ceramic or Glass reinforced plastic (GRP)
  • Waste trap: Urilock® plant-based, non-toxic liquid odor trap
  • Service interval (change of blocking fluid): around every 3 months
  • Installation: Floor-mounting
  • Colours: White 

Product code: 618723210

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Can it be used in a summer building that freezes in winter?


Hello, urinal can be used in that kind of buildings but you have to make sure there isn´t any humidity in the trap that could freeze.


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