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Applications: residential and commercial water disinfection.

Description: UV lamp emits light with a wave length of 254 nm, which deactivate a broad spectrum of harmful microorganisms in water: bacteria, viruses, protozoa. UV-sterilizer is recommended for:

  • drinking water disinfection — to protect consumers from microorganisms hazardous to health.
  • process water disinfection — to prevent equipment from biofouling and avoid decrease in the efficiency of the water heating equipment; equipment corrosion; nasty water odor after the water boiler.


  • Safe water — the best technology of water disinfection according to the US Agency for Environmental Protection (EPA).
  • Total protection — high UV dose (30 mJ/cm2) sufficient for inactivation of a wide spectrum of microorganisms.
  • Efficiency & stability — electronic ballasts designed to handle inconsistent power supplies and to provide stable UV dose, besides quartz chamber is made of quartz of high purity that possesses  high resistance to deposit formation and destruction.
  • Easy to use — fully automatic, ergonomic and compact design.
  • Environmental friendly — no consumption of reagents and no formation of toxic disinfection by-products.
  • Guaranty — product is certified by NSF and proven by CE.

Product code: ET24

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