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TEMPOMIX shower kit 
Ref. 790912

  • Recessed time flow shower kit: 
  • Standard recessing housing. Recessing depth can be adjusted. 
  • Chrome-plated wall plate Ø 195mm.Recessing depth can be adjusted from 28 - 43mm. 
  • TEMPOMIX 3/4" single control mixer. 
  • Ligature-resistant collar. 
  • Temperature control and operation via the push-button. 
  • Maximum temperature limiter (can be adjusted by the installer). 
  • Time flow ~30 seconds, soft-touch operation. 
  • Flow rate 6 lpm at 3 bar. 
  • Chrome-plated, tamperproof TONIC JET shower head with scale-resistant nozzle and automatic flow rate regulation.
  • M1/2" connectors for copper tubes Ø 14mm. 
  • Integrated non-return valves and filters. 
  • Chrome-plated metal control.
  • 10-year warranty.

This model does not have a waterproof recessing box. The installer must ensure that the recessing area is waterproof and any leaks or condensates can drain away.


  •  Water savings up to 80%.
  •  Wall recessed installation.
  •  Time flow system tested to over 500000 operations.
  •  Soft-touch operation.

Product code: 790912

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