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TEMPOMATIC multi-urinals urinal valve
  • Recessed electronic valve with infrared barrier for urinals
  • Rinsing for 1–8 urinals (standard or stall) or 2 siphon action urinals
  • Electronic unit with 230/12V transformer
  • Hydraulic unit with solenoid valve, stopcock M3/4" and filter
  • Hygienic duty flush every 12 hrs after last use, prevents the pipes from drying out
  • Presence detection by infrared barrier
  • Recessed infrared detector Ø 50 mm and reflector Ø 85 mm
  • Automatic pre-rinse possible after the arrival of the first user
  • Automatic rinse every 30 or 60 sec
  • Time flow pre-set at 3 sec, can be adjusted from 2 to 14 sec
  • Flow rate 0.3 l/sec, can be adjusted
  • Maximum detection range recommended: 6 meters
  • Anti-blocking safety: automatic shut-off after 20 uninterrupted cycles
  • 10-year warranty

Product code: 487620

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