Product code: 477000


799,00 €

inc. vat. 24.00 %

Deliverytime is about 10 days

TEMPOMATIC urinal valve 
  • Electronic urinal valve for individual urinal
  • Mains supply, electronic unit 12V, solenoid valve, stopcock and flow rate adjuster M1/2"
  • White epoxy coated stainless steel wall box
  • Shockproof infrared presence detection
  • Detection delay is 3 sec
  • Automatic pre-rinse is possible
  • Time flow 3 sec, can be adjusted from 3 to 12 sec
  • Hygienic duty flush, every 24 hr after last use, prevents the pipes from drying out
  • Flow rate 0.3 l/sec, can be adjusted
  • Order transformer separately 230/12V
  • Straight for in-line supply, outlet M1/2"
  • 10-year warranty


  •  Electronic unit
  •  ECO time flow set at 3 seconds
  •  Total hygiene: no manual contact
  •  Automatic anti-bacterial proliferation duty flush

Product code: 477000

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Tarvitsisin asiakkaalleni rst-kaukalon huuhteluun soveltuvan venttiili/sensoripaketin. Mitäs löytyis??


Moikka, Delabielta löytyy hyvä malleja kuten tuo mitä katsoit. Kuinka leveä pisuaari on?