Product code: 2000396


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Replacement filter for T7 model

  • A filter with a lifetime of 6 months / 2500 liters is changed twice a year or as needed.
  • The need for change is noticed when the water supply slows down, or the water dispenser informs about the need for replacement.
  • The machine uses an activated carbon filter that even filters the smallest flakes, such as dirt, rust and other impurities.
  • Activated carbon eliminates living and contaminated ingredients and ensures clean taste and eliminates unpleasant smells from the water.
  • Removes 97.5% chlorine.
  • All essential minerals such as magnesium and calcium remain in the water

Also suitable for U3 water purifier.

Product code: 2000396

Strauss vaihtosuodatin T7 malleihin, vaihtoväli 6kk/2500 litraa. 
Vaihtotarpeen huomaa kun vedentulo hidastuu.

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My machine type is 72182000309,I want to change the filter can you tell me ,which type I can use


Hello, we send you an email about this. Have a nice day!


Hi! Do you send it to Cyprus,its posible?


Good day! I sent an email to you about this matter. Have a nice day!