Product code: V281100CS


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Complete sanitary stand with touch free electronic hand sanitizer dispenser. Helps prevent cross contamination in high traffic areas such as banks, hospitals, supermarkets, and any other high traffic public areas. Stern hand sanitizer dispensers make hand sanitizer easily available in public areas to slow and prevent the spread of viruses such as COVID-19. Can be used with any brand of non-proprietary hand sanitizer of the correct viscosity. Compatible with Ethanol, PA Isopropyl Alcohol - Up to 80% and Alcogel.



Touch-free, free-standing electronic and sanitizer unit to be placed at the entrance of any high traffic public area such as hospitals banks airports supermarkets and other high-risk public areas. Helps protect users in any public high traffic area from cross contamination and viruses such as COVID-19.



Touch-free, free-standing electronic hand sanitizer operated by an infrared sensor. The hand sanitizer automatically dispenses a preset quantity of disinfectant when users place a hand within sensor range.

Product code: V281100CS

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