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SECURITHERM Securitouch thermostatic

SECURITHERM thermostatic shower mixer with SECURITOUCH anti-burn insulation. Mixer with 150mm centres, supplied without connectors allowing the choice between standard unions and isolating unions with purge specifically designed for hospitals. Filters and non-return valves incorporated in the inlets M3/4". Integrated flow rate regulator set at 8 lpm. Shower outlet M1/2". Chrome-plated brass body Ø 46  with ERGO control knobs. Temperature adjustable from 25°C to 41°C with two temperature limiters. First temperature limiter set to 38°C (can be overidden) and second temperature limiter set at 41°C. It is possible to activate a thermal shock. Brand DELABIE type SECURITHERM Securitouch thermostatic shower. Ref. H9741 (or approved equivalent).

Ref. : H9739 :
Ref. : H9739S :

  • To complete order a flexible hose, shower head, rail and shower head holder.
  • TMV3 approved version available on request.
  • We recommend a floor trap.


  •  SECURITHERM: Optimum anti-scalding safety.
  •  Pre-set maximum temperature limiter.
  •  Thermostatic: total temperature stability.
  •  Control knobs are easy to grip.

Product code: H9739S

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