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Sequential thermostatic shower mixer 
Ref. H9630S

  • SECURITHERM thermostatic wall-mounted single control twin hole mixer
  • 150mm centres with M1/2" M3/4" inline STOP/PURGE connectors with isolating unions and purge specifically designed for hospitals. Thermostatic scale-proof sequential cartridge with single control for adjustment of flow and temperature. Flow rate set at 8 lpm at 3 bar. Adjustable temperature range from cold water up to 41°C with maximum temperature limiter set at 41°C.
  • Possible to activate a thermal shock.
  • Body in chrome-plated brass with ERGO control.
  • Brand DELABIE type SECURITHERM thermostatic single control shower. Ref H9630 (or approved equivalent).
  • Ref. : H9630 :
  • Ref. : H9630HYG :
  • Ref. : H9630S :
  • Ref. : H9630KIT :
  • Ref. : H9630SHYG :
  • Ref. : H9630SKIT :
  • Ref. : H9640S :
  • Ref. : H9640 :
  • Ref. : H9641 :
  • Unlike other thermostatic mixers, our thermostatic mixers deliver cold water at the temperature in the system.
  • Operation: The same lateral movement opens the flow and adjusts the temperature (single control). Opens and closes with cold water.
  • Uses: All hospital environments where there is a risk of saclding from the hot water supply.
    - For short, medium or long stay patient rooms,
    - Retirement homes, Mental Health Units, creches, etc.
    - Maximum temperature limiter: set to 41°C. Unlike domestic thermostatic mixers, the user cannot override the limiter. As a result there is no risk of accidental scalding (the point-of-use is completely safe).
    - Automatic anti-scalding safety: > SECURITHERM thermostatic technology ensures that the hot water supply shuts-off instantly if there is a sudden loss of the cold water supply. In case of the loss of the cold water supply, the European Standard EN 1111 permits a slight leak of hot water (0.10L /10 seconds). In the hospital environment, the risk of scalding is increased. It is essential that not even one drop of hot water can flow; with our thermostatic mixing valves the hot water supply shut-off is complete (no leaks at all).
    - If there is a sudden loss of the hot water supply our thermostatic mixer will also shut-off the cold water supply. 
    - Thermal shock safety: It is possible to undertake a thermal shock at the temperature of the hot water in the system. SECURITHERM will withstand temperatures up to 85°C. 
    - Stable temperatures regardless of variations in pressure and flow rates in the circulating loop, reacting instantly to any changes.
    - Ergonomic control with easy movement suitable for hospital patients, the elderly and handicapped people.
    - Progressive temperature adjustment and opens again at the same temperature setting. Constant flow rate set at 8 lpm.
  • EASY TO USE: - Ergo control knobs provide a good grip.


  • SECURITHERM: Optimum anti-scalding safety
  • Securitouch thermal insulation prevents burns
  • No non-return valve.
  • Opens and closes via single control lever

Product code: H9630S

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