Product code: C025


49,00 €

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Replacement filter in a SOLO water purifier with its own tap

  • Yield 4000 litres/1 year. The quality of the water and the solids content affect the life.
  • 0.1 µm Ultra Filtration, ion exchange fiber and activated carbon remove, for example: Germs, iron, humus, odors and flavors, lead, cadmium, manganese, as card card-body as many other types of pollutants.
  • For details, refer to product C03B.

Product code: C025

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Miten tulisi hävittää käytetyt vaihtosuodattimet K1-07B (tuotekoodi: C025) SOLO vedenpuhdistimeen ? Voiko ne laittaa sekajätteeseen?


Hei, suodattimet ovat polttokelpoista sekajätettä.