Product code: FCPRA10


19,90 €

inc. vat. 24.00 %

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Water softener replacement cartridge at AQVA M size

Polyphosphate cartridge

Filter life 3 - 6 months

Pressure drop 0,2 bar @ 27 liters per minute

 Polyphospate prevents scale by reacting with dissolved hardness minerals (e.g. calcium bicarbonate and calcium carbonate) and transforming them into harmless, microscopic crystals of calcium orthophosphate. These crystals stay suspended in water and will not create scale build-up in heating elements, pipes, water heaters, boilers etc.

It prevents stains from dishes, glassware, silverware and sinks. These filters protect washing machine and dishwasher against damage caused by calcification.

Product code: FCPRA10

AQVAn laboratoriossa testattu, poistaa

- kloridia noin 14 %,

- laskee kovuutta noin 14%,

Testattu keinotekoisesti tehdystä testivedestä, johon on lisätty sekä jätevettä että kemikaaleja. Tulokset ovat suuntaa antavia.

Muuta: Ympäristöystävällinen, suojaa pesukoneita ym. kalkkeutumiselta. Ei poista erityisesti rautaa vedestä, mutta tekee vedestä kirkkaampaa ja estää rautatahrojen esiintymistä.

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Hi\n\nCan i use fcpra10 filter on a main water supply to my home. This will also include drinking water from a tap. \nI\'m located in Uk. \n\nThanks \nMartin


Cheers! Yes you can, but more your water usage is less time polyphosphate and this filter has time to make effect since faster flow trough filter. Has enough capacity for most households. \nThis filter releases a minor amount of food-grade phosphates to water flow, therefore it may not be suitable for all individuals. These can be purified from water for example with reverse osmosis tratment, which also makes very good quality fresh water and removes all other impurities from water too.