If the cottage has an old or existing well that can not be used for drinking or domestic water due to possible impurities, it is advisable to take water analysis for checking the impurities. Based on the analysis, it is easy to find the correct AQVA line filter package for one’s family and house. Here are some of them:

  • Reverse osmosis device, a UV emitter, or even a bacteria-removing water pitcher can remove impurities which traveled to well along with groundwater.
  • AQVA comes with three-stage water treatment that removes the solids, hummus, odors, flavors, nutrients, and possible agricultural and industrial spills. This method is based on mechanical, oxidation, ion exchange and activated carbon filtration, after which even the central humic water is clarified for washing machines and hot water.
  • Drinking and domestic water can be Purified with a reverse osmosis device, which can be placed in a dishwasher cabinet that removes natural bacteria, viruses, cysts as well as any other impurities in the water. Aqva also has UV sterilization that can be installed as an accessory after the treatment kit, which tends to have high-energy ultraviolet light that splits the structure of bacteria in water, causing them to die.
  • The most common technique for purifying water is reverse osmosis that is available from a small shower to Lager units that completely purifies the drinking and domestic water impurities. It also purifies the water from the well which is located near the sea and tends to have the presence of salt and other impurities.

We offer you a wide range of water purification services and spare parts. We can also answer your queries related to water through email vesi@aqva.fi

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