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Bacterial Analysis for Domestic Water: E. coli, Coliform Bacteria and Enterococci

Microbiological examination for well and natural waters. This analysis is not suitable for chlorinated municipal water. If you want to analyse bacteria in municipal water, call our customer service and arrange for sample delivery and a sampling kit suitable for municipal water.

Coliform bacteria are found e.g. in the intestines of humans and warm-blooded animals. These bacteria are used as expressors of fecal contamination of water. Escherichia coli bacteria is found exclusively in the feces, while other coliform bacteria can also multiply in soil, surface water, and wastewater.

Enterococci, like E. coli, are expressors of fecal contamination, indicating a risk of developing a waterborne intestinal infection when present. Enterococci are often found in the feces of humans and warm-blooded animals, but they can also originate from the environment. Because enterococci are well preserved in the environment, they may express contamination that happened long before sampling.

Coliform bacteria, E. coli as well as enterococci enter the wells for example through inadequate or damaged sealing or due to the structure of the soil, so disinfecting or repairing the well may be only a temporary solution. Coliform bacteria (with the exception of E. coli) are not harmful to humans when consumed in small amounts, but they tell a lot about water quality as well as the potential need for water purification. If enterococci or E. coli bacteria are found in the water, the water as such is unusable.

The product includes a sampling kit with pre-paid shipping to the laboratory and clear sampling instructions.

You will receive the results in your email within two weeks of the sample arriving at the laboratory.

The analysis includes the following characteristics to be examined:

  • Coliform bacteria
  • Enterococcus
  • E. coli

The research report contains a statement, which is prepared in accordance with the limit values ​​set by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The statement is based on the properties of the water being studied.

Product code: LAB13

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