Traditionally it has been assume that thorough cleaning of domestic water in water systems is not enough to guarantee quality and secure domestic water. Journey of water through the tubes of distribution networks and property can essentially change the quality of water.

A water companies guarantees the quality of water that they supplies, in so far as it is determined to be examined, up to the point where the property is connected. The quality of premises or properties own pipe and the users habits affect the quality of water that comes from the faucet. For example water that has been stagnant in the pipelines does not match the quality of the water which has been purified by waterworks.

In addition to the substances that are released from the pipelines, it should be noted that conventional water treatment is not capable of removing all drug and hormone residues and micro-plastics

Products to Many Use Patterns and Needs

Filters attached to the faucet are replaced by taps in the taps of the faucet. These products have a selector switch that can be used to select whether the water is purged through the filter, or to be unclean for flushing and other . These products do not require any plumbing work and are easy to install.

The filters installed in the sink cabinet come with its own small faucet, through which purified water is taken for drinking and cleaning. The old kitchen faucet can be  kept for other use. Another option is to install a new kitchen faucet with its own water channels for purified water, as well as for unpurified, hot and cold water. These products are usually connected to a tap in the cold water line, with the supplied three-way cutter, in the dishwasher cabinet.

All hot water filters are usually installed immediately in  the water meter to protect the building system and of course, clean the water in other respects. However, if the property's own technology piping is very old, it is possible that some of the impurities will be generated there. In this case, it is good to ensure the quality of the drinking water and the water which is still should be seperated through a filter.

For purifying chlorine and other skin drying compounds from shower water, there is an AQVA shower filter that is screwed between the shower mixer and shower tube.

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