When eutrophication of the water system increases, the water-consuming unloading increases, and as a result, the deepening of the oxygen deficiency can accelerate the internal load of the phosphorus. By improving the oxygen content in the vicinity of the floor, oxygen deficiency can be prevented and the dissolution of phosphorus from floor sediments to water can be curbed. Estimating the need for oxygen is a part of long-term and planned rehabilitation if a significant part of the lake's surface is oxygen-free and eutrophication is found to be associated with oxygen deficiencies.

The most commonly used oxidation methods in Finland are the transport of oxygen into the water by air bubble , as well as leading oxygen-containing upper water into poor groundwater.

Watreco's powerful and essentially simple method, represented by AQVA, is the latest method that is the result of years of development. It is used successfully and with greater oxidation than in Central European water systems. Firstly, the product were used in the industry to remove microsphered air bubbles ,solids, minerals and chips in the water process.

The same method can be used in reverse, when it is possible to bind several air volumes compared to the capacity of the liquid, whereby oxidation is considerably more efficient. Oxygen-containing water is mixed with water that suffers from oxygen deficiency by combining oxidation methods and aeration techniques, while the vertical rotation of water is still part of the progress.

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