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Wall-mounted electronic liquid soap dispenser, 1 litre

  • Electronic liquid soap dispenser, wall-mounted.
  • Vandal-resistant model with lock and standard DELABIE key.
  • Suitable for hand sanitizer.
  • No manual contact: hands are automatically detected by infrared cell (detection distancecan be adjusted).
  • One-piece hinged cover for easy maintenanceand better hygiene.
  • No waste pump dispenser: dispenses 0.8ml(can be adjusted up to 7 doses per activation).
  • Power supply: 6 AA -1.5V (DC9V) batteries supplied integrated in the soap dispenser body.
  • Low battery indicator light.
  • Tank with large opening: eases transfer of soapfrom large containers.
  • Window allows soap level to be checked.
  • Bright polished,  Polished satin or white powder-coated 304 stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel thickness: 1mm.
  • Capacity: 1 litre.
  • Dimensions : 90 x 105 x 256mm.
  • For vegetable-based liquid soap with a maximum viscosity of 3,000 mPa.s.
  • CE marked.

Product code: V512066

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