Product code: ROBUST3000


1990,00 €

inc. vat. 24.00 %

In store (3 pcs)

Application: cafes, restaurants, apartments, private houses, pharmacies, laboratories.
Description: compact high-capacity direct flow reverse osmosis system.

Filtration technology:
•  Sediment PP 5 micron filter
•  GAC activated carbon filter
•  RO membranes - 2 x DoW fILmTEC TW30-3012-500
•  Coconut shell carbon filter
Key features:

1. Consistent and high flow rate due to advanced system architecture.
2. Delicious water due to DoW fILmTEC membranes and high quality activated carbon filters.
3. Original and compact design.
4. Standard replacement filter and membranes.
5. Easy-to-use connections.
6. Designed for tankless operation.
7. CE marked and confirmed to be safe in accordance with EC
New Approach Directives.

Product code: ROBUST3000

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How long does the filters last for? Time? Liters of purified water? Do you have an avarage price per liter produced water over time?


Hi, answer to your question varies a bit, as its related to what is the water source. Roughly we can say that from municipal, pre-treated water, the lifespan of the filters may be about 50 000 litres or more. Therefore the price would be 3,9€ / cubic meter.


Moi, missä lämpötilassa laite toimii ja kuinka kylmää tulovesi saa olla? Mökki meren rannalla ja saunasta noin 10m rantaan, voiko laite olla saunassa ja vetää imuputken veteen silloin kun puhdasta vettä tarvitaan ja meri on vielä sula? Missä lämpötilassa raja kulkee?


Hei ja kiitos kysymyksestänne. Syöttöveden lämpötila tulee olla +4-30 °С ja ilman lämpötila +5-40 °С. Kyllä on mahdollista vetää letku veteen silloin, kun puhtaalle vedelle on tarve.


We have solar panels creating 12 V. What is the power consumption?


Hello, Robust 3000 has 100 Watt power consumption. It requires 230VAC power source, so most likely normal DC to AC inverter fits well. How ever inverter has to be pure sine wave type. If your water source is fresh water, we would recommend another product type with product code: AQRO-POE. It does not have separate pressure pump, but works with normal feed water pressure and flow rate depends of your feed pressure pump.