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KOMPACT washbasin and wall-hung WC combination 
  • Combination unit: washbasin and suspended WC pan on right side with recessed toilet roll holder
  • Wall-mounted installation with 3 access cards, 2 on the sidesand 1 on the top with theft prevention TORX security screws
  • Bacteriostatic 304 stainless steel, polished satin finish
  • Stainless steel unit thickness: 2 mm
  • Rounded corners and edges for improved safety
  • Smooth surface for easy cleaning.
  • Suitable for prisons, police stations, etc.
  • WC pan is completely welded to washbasin, no screws: makes cleaning easier and prevents concealment of objects
  • Washbasin equipped with time flow tap: stainless steel tamper proof push-button and anti-blocking system, 7 sec time flow, M1/2"
  • WC equipped with time flow flush valve, 7 sec time flow, M3/4"
  • Water inlet: washbasin M1/2", WC M3/4"
  • Recessed horizontal water outlet: Ø 100 mm
  • Supplied with washbasin siphon
  • Easy to install: only one water outlet for both washbasin and WC, water inlet and outlet already connected
  • Weight: 36 kg

[Formerly ref: 0610030003]


Product code: 160300

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