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Be-line lift-up shower seat with leg 
Ref. 511930W

  • Be-line removable lift-up for people with reduced mobility.
  • Large model.
  • Retained in upright position. Slowed down descent.
  • Removable: easy to remove with anti-theft locking system. Reduces the number of shower seats in a facility, allowing installation only when required e.g. hotels or hospitals providing short-term accommodation for people with reduced mobility.
  • Solid seat made from high strength polymer.
  • Suitable for intensive use in public places or the healthcare sector.
  • Non-slip surface.
  • Reinforced by a central, hinged leg.
  • Matte white aliminium finish provides a good visual contrast with the wall.
  • 5 concealed fixing points.
  • Supplied with stainless steel screws Ø 8 x 70mm for concrete walls.
  • Tested to over 200kg. Maximum recommended user weight: 135kg.
  • Folded dimensions: 86 x 541mm.
  • Dimensions: 443 x 450 x 480mm.
  • 10-year warranty. CE marked.


  •  Innovative design suitable for all users.
  •  Removable: easy to detach.
  •  Large, ergonomic seat.
  •  Tested to over 200kg.

Available 2st half 2018. Please contact sales office to check availability.

Product code: 511930W

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