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Product description

Convenient handling, high performance and easy to clean – these are features of the HYBRID H400.
It provides the ideal humidity within your four walls.
At the same time, the innovative, integrated filter cleans the room air and alleviates discomfort for people with allergies.
An extra-long operating time is ensured, thanks to the large water tank.
The integrated sensor measures the humidity in real time and adjusts the evaporator performance automatically.
The HYBRID H400 provides for real card card-body-being in your house!


Product Highlights

3-in-1 HYBRID system: Can be operated as an air humidifier, air purifier or both

Extra-long operating time thanks to large water tank

Incredibly easy to clean, thanks to components that are suitable for use in washing machines and dishwashers

Natural humidifying with a high-capacity filter to improve your overall card card-body-being

An optimal performance is ensured thanks to the filter detection and the BONECO app

Measure and control the humidity in real time

The BONECO app offers intuitive user guidance and navigation

Compact design, simple and elegant

System description HYBRID

Depending on requirements, the HYBRID system can be used either as a humidifier, an air purifier or a combination of both. A permanent pre-filter stops hair, household dust and other larger dirt particles.
When the comfort filter is used, nearly all viruses are reduced and bad odors are absorbed.
Last but not least, the evaporator mat is responsible for air humidification.

Product code: 49026

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