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The BONECO F100 is a compact, tabletop circulation fan.  Use it at its highest level for the signature air shower feeling or at its lower levels
if you prefer more direct cooling.  This fan features 3-speed levels which are adjusted using the simple touch control
and are indicated with LED lights.  The elegantly shaped foot stand holds the unit firm and stable your tabletop or desktop.

  • Superior air circulation for signature natural air shower feeling
  • Simple touch control with 3-speed levels and LED indicators
  • Compact design, high output
  • Removable blade cover for easy and low maintenance
  • Swiss Design and engineering
System description

The BONECO line of Air Shower Fans have been specially designed to move a greater volume of air and at fasters speeds to create a powerful stream of air and achieve superb air circulation. This keeps the room’s air in constant motion to create a shower of air all around you, disperse any hot or cold spots, and keep the entire room more comfortable.

Product code: 45982

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Onko F100:ssa kuula- vai liukulaakerit? Johdon pituus? Onko teillä joku pöytätuuletinmalli jossa kuulalaakerit? kiitos bb


Hei, tuulettimissamme on liukulaakerit. Johdon pituus on 2,5 m. Mielellämme kerromme lisää.