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Product Highlights
  • Personal 2-in-1 waterless aroma diffuser and air ionizer
  • Aroma pad ensures long-lasting fragrance release with every type of essential oils
  • Built-in ionizer disperses negative ions which promote your card card-body-being and assist with keeping the air clean and fresh
  • Single button control for easy and intuitive operation
  • Stable silicon base for use in an upright or laid flat position
  • Including specially developed blend of BONECO essential oil which contains 100 % pure natural ingredients

    Product description
    • The BONECO P50 is a 2-in1 waterless aroma diffuser and ionizer designed for travel or personal use.
    • It is compact and powered by USB C, so you can easily carry it with you and use it wherever you are.
    • It includes a large aroma pad to disperse the scent of your essential oil or perfume. 
    • The ionizer generates negative ions which help to reduce the particles in the air and can be switched on or off to fit your needs.
    • The P50 is the perfect product to create a pleasant environment around you.

Product code: 45977

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