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AQ011-BY package for winter storage accessories of Reverse osmosis device. This is a add-on plumbing for winter storage liquids (food grade glycol) of citric acid wash.

Package includes the following parts:

  1. 3/8” equal tee John Guest, PP0212W
  2. 5 m 3/8” Lldpe tubing black John Guest, PE-12-EI-0500F-EM
  3. M-size hosing with ¾” threads, FHPR34-3_R
  4. ¾” equal tee John Guest, PP0212W
  5. 2 units of ¾” conector, 34412
  6.  3/8" tube - 3/4" Bsp thread John Guest, CI321216FS

The better alternative for winter storage of RO device is to capping/plugging the water inlets and outlets of the RO unit with the caps that come with the RO device. Then RO unit can be moved to a warm environment. In this case the the rest of the plumbing is emptied from water. Removal of RO membranes and glycol tratement is not necessary.

Product code: AQ011-1BY

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