Product code: AQ3XL-MF1-MAX-UF01


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Three-part in-line filter set in XL size housing for clarification of water. The set  filters humus and bacteria, as card card-body as, iron and manganese.

The package includes 3 filter housings as card card-body as filters.

  1. In the first stage, the visible and invisible solids and about 30% humus are removed with a 1 µm prefilter, AQMF1-XL.
  2. In the next step, Aqva Max filter reduces humus, iron and manganese.
  3. In the final step, 0,1 µm Ultra filtrer, AQUF01-XL, reduces humus, bacteria, yeasts, molds and fungi.
  • 1 "internal brass reinforced connections.
  • Closing valves
  • No need for electricity.
  • Normally installed after the pressurized water tank.
  • Compatible with all AQVA XL size filters.
  • Size: H720 x W540 x D220mm.
  • Typical flow up to 15 litres per minute.

Assembly and filter life

  1. AQMF1-XL. 1 µm prefilter, approx. 24,000 litres.*
  2. AQ052X. AQVA MAX humus filer, approx. 120 000 litraa when humus concentrtion is less than 5 mg/l COD.*
  3. AQUF01-XL, Ultra filter, approx 50-100 000 l. The capacity is depends heavily on water wuality and the concentration and type of suspended solids.

*Filter life is dependent on water quality.


Product code: AQ3XL-MF1-MAX-UF01

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Porakaivossani on silttiä joka värjää veden harmaaksi. Mahtaisikohan tämä suodattaa sen pois?


Hei ja kiitos kysymyksestänne. Tiheä mekaaninen sudoatus suodattaa hiesua/silttiä. Hiesun mekaaninen koko voi olla 0,002mm eli 2µm. Paketissa tihein suodatin on 0,1µm.