Product code: AQ3XL-MF1-IRON-CAT


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Three-part in-line filter set in XL size housing for filtration of iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide and the odors in water.

The package includes 3 pre-installed filter housings, as card card-body as filters.

  1. In the first step, the visible and invisible solids are removed with a 1µm (1/1000-part millimetre) fine filter. (AQMF1-XL)
  2. The Aqva IRON filter removes iron (up to 4000 - 6000µg / l) and manganese (up to 300 - 600 µg / l). (AQ052)
  3. The activated carbon filter removes odors and flavors and neutralizes hydrogen sulphide gas (rotten egg smell). (CRVS4520ECOEXP)
  • Set includes wrench and a wall mountic bracket.
  • 1 "internal brass reinforced connections
  • No need for electricity
  • Normally installed after the pressurized water tank


  • Compatible with all AQVA XL size filters
  • Size: K720 x L540 x S220mm


  • Typical flow up to 15 litres per minute.

Assembly and filter life:

  1. AQMF1-XL, 1 µm prefilter capacity of about 24,000 litters*
  2. AQ052, AQVA IRON filter capacity approx 320 000 liters when iron+manganese concentration is max. 1 mg/l or  80 000 liters when iron+manganese concentration is up to 4 mg/l.*
  3. CRVS4520ECOEXP, activated carbon filter capacitys about 140,000 litres*

*Filter capacities depend on the overall water quality. Test water quality with Aqva Water Analysis to ensure suitability of the filters.


Product code: AQ3XL-MF1-IRON-CAT

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