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Ultra Filter package in AQVA XL size housing (20" BB). The in-line filter reduces bacteria and other microbiological impurities by ultrafiltration, 0.1 µm pore size.

Perfect filter for clarification of lake water for domestic water. UF removes bacteria, yeast, blue green algae** and mold 99.9%.

However, a reverse osmosis device is recommended for drinking water if microbiological impurities are present.

Mechanical ultra filtration (UF), requires sufficient pre-filtration for sediment, humus and iron.

Package includes AQVA XL Size Filter Housing (AQ1XL), Mounting Bracket, Housing Key and Filter (AQUF01-XL).

  • Replacement filter: AQUF01-XL
  • Capacity:  50 000-100 000 liters  **Filter capacity is greatly affected by particles and other impurities in water
  • Average flow rate 15 l / min. 1-4 water outlets.
  • Pressure drop: 0,3 bar @ 10 l/min flow
  • Connection: 1 " threads.
  • Filter screen size: 0.1 µm
  • Recommended pre filter: 1 µm sediment filter, AQ1XL-MF1
  •  Size: 45 x 19 cm

**Water soluable blue green algae toxins can be romeved with reverse osmosis completely.

Product code: AQ1XL-UF01

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