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The Aqva TOM faucet for purified drinking water from a water purifier. AQVA TOM meets material quality requirements; high-quality stainless steel does not dissolve metals or impurities in water.



  • Structurally tested to withstand use and time, up to 500,000 turning cycles.
  • Installation is simpler than in traditional faucets.
  • Stylish brushed steel. Easy to keep clean, fingerprints and dirt don’t stain it easily
  • The design of the nozzle prevents water from splashing
  • Lead-free faucet meets the latest quality requirements for its materials.
  • Also valve mechanism is made of SUS 304 stainless steel.


Package Contents

  • Faucet
  • Tightening clamp
  • Quick connector, for 1/4" hose


Technical features

  • Connection: ¼ ”JG quick connector.
  • Material SUS 304 RST
  • Maximum flow approx. 5 liters per minute per 3 bar (without post filter)
  • Dimensions:
    • The diameter of the faucet foot: 4.1 cm
    • The height of the faucet from the tabletop:  approx. 23 cm
    • The head of the tap comes out about 13 cm from the neck
  • The faucet turns 360 degrees, no locking. Please ask for more information about the suitability of the faucet for the new building
  • Compatible with the following reverse water purifiers:
    • Aqva PURE 2 (AQ006)
    • Morion, DWM 101-S and DWM 101 (e046 and e022)
    • Mocca (AQRO-SA)
    • Saimaa (AQRO-SA)
    • ROBUST
    • ROBUST3000
    • MERI (AQ012-1)
    • MyUltra and MyUltra SAFE (AQ040-0 and AQ040-1)
    • Solo (C030B)


System Requirements

  • Mounting hole diameter: 12 mm
  • The maximum thickness of the tabletop: 45 mm
  • Maximum water pressure: 10 bar



Product code: AQ007

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