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Lake water filter set: drinking water for 1 pure water tap and improved domestic water for 1-2 taps.

Set includes two-part filtation

  1. In-line filter for domestic washing water, AQ3L + filters
  2. AQVA PURE 2 reverse osmosis device for dringinking water. Includes AQVA TOM, stainless steel, high quality pure water tap.


1. AQ3L,Three stage filtration for organic matter, taste, odor and traces of iron and manganese.

The filter set includes 3 filter and filter housings in AQVA L size (10" BB).

  1. The first step is to remove visible and invisible solids from 1 µm (1/1000-part millimeters) filter. This step also eliminates part of the humus, which has a theoretical average of 0.45µm.
  2. In the next step, from the water it removes most common humic types, some iron, odors, flavors, organic and chemical compounds.
  3. In the final phase, the third step is active carbon, which reduces efficiently many organic- and inorganic substances, also unpleasant tastes and odors.
  • Set includes: 3 Aqva L size housings, 3 filters, wrench
  • 1” inch internal brass reinforced thread
  • No need for electricity
  • Normally installed after pressure water tank
  • Compatible with all Aqva L size filters
  • Size: K470 x L540 x S220mm
  • A typical flow rate of up to 8 liters per minute.

Replace Filter:

  • AQMF1-L, 1 µm prefilter, capacity approx. 18 000 liters*
  • AQ051X,AQVA MAX filter, capacity approx. 20 000 liters*
  • AQCB-L Active carbon, capacity approx. 60 000 liters of lake water*

*Filter life is influenced by water quality for example the type and particle size of humus.


2. Aqva Pure 2 reverse osmosis purification for drinking water, AQ006 with high quality stainless steel pure water tap, AQ007


  • Complete water purification. Purifies all typical contaminants from water with 80 - 99,9999% efficasy
  • Low cost replacement filter packages for once a year replacement and every second year replacement.
  • Separate pressure vessel for storing the purified water. Easy to find location even with space limitations.
  • Easy and fast filter replacement procedure
  • Antibacterial prefilter housings.
  • Faster purified water production rate. Up to 380 liters in a day (15,8 liters per hour)

The device revolutionizes the water purification with reverse osmosis, with low water pressure (only 2bar), and also preserves important minerals in the water. Cleans up uranium, manganese, fluoride, hormones and antibiotic residues, bacteria, viruses as card card-body as many other water contaminants.

In reverse osmosis through the purification membrane, only the aqueous molecule is let thru and all impurities are flushed automatically with the effluent to the drainage.

The device produces purified water, with an average water quality of approximately 380 liters per day, when the supply water pressure is 4bar. The rate of return on purified water is relatively moderate in direct flow, which is why the device has its own five-liter water tank, which it automatically keeps full. When water is taken for consumption, the appliance notices it and starts to make more purified water automatically into tank.

Usually it is placed in the kitchen sink cabinet and attached with a three-way valve into conld water line, own faucet, filters and necassary intallation components are included in the package.

Purifies for example:

  • bacteria, viruses, cysts
  • Manganese
  • Sulphur, sulphurous
  • Iron
  • Uranium, radon
  • Fouride, chloride
  • Odour and taste nuisance
  • Impurities in the pipeline
  • Restores minerals after cleaning thewater
  • Increases the PH value of the water
  • Softens the water
  • Hormones,antibiotic and drug residues
  • Pollution
  • Color

Guaranteed Clean drinking water!


Product includes all filters. All filter and RO-membrane are replaced once per year.

Replacement filtes:


  • AQM5-M
  • AQCM-M

Osmoosis membrane:

  • AQ060

Post filters:

  • Mineralization: AQ006-PM
  • Active carbon: AQ006-PC

AQVA PURE 2 size:

  • Purification unit: H 310 x  W 380 x D175 cm.
  • Pressurised vessle: Diameter 25 cm and  height 39 cm.
  • Pure water tap AQVA TOM: Max. diameter 4,1 cm. (MAx. height of counter top 4,5 cm)



Product code: AQ010

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Hei, kyllä, tämän tuotepaketin sisältämä AQVA Pure2, juomavedelle, poistaa myös alumiinin. Paketin sisältämä linjasuodatin teoriassa vähentää sitä jonkin verran, mutta käytännössä teho riippuu mm. miten alumiini ilmenee tai onko se esimerkiksi sitoutunut saveen tms.


Hei, paljonko tämän paketin vaihtosuodattimet maksavat vuodessa? Voiko tähän liittää Oras Safira mökkihanan lämmittimellä?


Hei ja kiitos kysymyksestänne. Vuoden välein vaihdettavan vaihtosuodatinpaketin löydätte tuotekoodilla AQ010-V1. Kahden vuoden välein vaihdettava paketti löytyy tuotekoodilla AQ010-V. Linjasuodattimen jälkeen on mahdollista asentaa esimerkiksi Oraksen Safira mökkihana. Kyseisen hanan rinnalle tulee asennettavaksi pienen käänteisosmoosilaitteen oma pieni hana.


poistaako tämä suodatus (AQ010) Escherichia coli bakteerit porakaivostamme. testaustulos 57,1mpn/100 ml


Hei ja kiitos kysymyksestänne. Käänteisosmoosi suodattaa vedestä mm. bakteerit. Mikäli haluatte suodattaa bakteerit myös käyttövedestänne, niin suosittelisin myös uv-sterilisoijan asentamista linjasuodattimien jälkeen. Tuotekoodilla E360 löydätte esimerkki uv-sterilisoijan.


Hei poistaako AQVA PURE 2+ -paketti järvi vedestä myös sinilevän myrkyt? Paljonko on vuosikustannukset suodattimien vaihtosta? Kiitos vastauksesta!


Hei ja kiitos kysymyksestänne. Käänteisosmoosilla vedestä saadaan suodatettua myös sinilevän erittämän toksiinin. Vaihtosuodatinpaketti löytyy tuotekoodilla AQ006V. Tämän hinta on 63€. Suodattimet ilman käänteisosmoosikalvoa maksaa 35,8€. Nämä suositellaan vaihtavan kerran vuodessa.