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5 µm pre-filter for sediment removal and anti-scale filter in Aqva M size housings (2 x 10")

Protects washing machines, water fixtures, glass and metal containers. It also helps to reduce the color stains caused by iron, does not remove iron but reduces its adhesion.

The filter dissolves a small amount of food grade and approved polyphosphate in running water, which is also used e.g. as a food additive. Polyphosphate reacts with lime, breaking its structure and preventing it from accumulating and precipitating.


Descaling filter and 5µm fine filter in two AQVA M filter housings

  • 3/4 "with internal threads
  • Assembly order:
    1. 5 µm sediment filter, AQMF5-M
    2. Polyphosphate filter, FCPRA10
  • Rolling rate relative to the amount of water used, usually 3-6 months.
  • Pressure drop 0.45-0.5 bar.
  • Maximum water flow 10 liters/minute (1-2 water outlets)

Set includes: 2 x M size housing (10"), AQMF5-M and FCPRA10 cartridges.

Size: height 32 cm x width 26 cm + height of wall mounting bracket 4 cm

Product code: AQ2M-M1-P

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