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AQVA M-size filter housing is suitable for standard-sized 10” in-line filter cartridges. This housing is designed for cold water and generally for 1-2 water outlets. Perfect for summer house, card card-body water or lake water. Create filter combinations by installing multiple filter housings in series.



Water is simultaneously filtered for several water outlets

Transparent housing will help you to determine when to replace the cartridge. 

Replacing the filters is easy 

Pressure release button helps to loosen the housing


Replacement filters

Compatible with all Aqva M size (standard 10”) in-line filter cartridges  



filter housing


wall mounting bracket


Technical specifications          

Threads: 3/4”

Size: housing H 32 cm x W 13 cm + mounting bracket H 4 cm

Operating temperature: 2-30 °C

Please refer to the user manual found in "Uploaded files"


System requirements              

Constant feed pressure, 2-10 bar.

Water feed and pressurized water vessel.


Cold storage

When temperatures drop below 2 °C the water network should be closed, and in-line filter housings emptied to prevent frost damage.

Product code: AQ1M

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