Product code: AQ3L-MF1-MAX-KDF


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Three-part in-line filter set for removal of humus, odors, flavors and lesser amounts of iron as card card-body as manganese.

The package includes 3 filter housings as card card-body as filters.

  1. The first step is to remove visible and invisible solids up-to 1 µm with AQMF1-L filter. This step also eliminates part of the humus, which has a theoretical average of 0.45 µm.
  2. In the next step, AQVA MAX filter removes removes most common humic types, some iron, odors, flavors, organic and chemical compounds.
  3. In the last phase combination filter, FCCBKDF10BB, removes odors, flavours and chemical traces.
  • Set inludes also wrench and shut-off valve
  • 1” inch internal brass reinforced thread
  • No need for electricity
  • Normally installed after pressure water tank
  • Compatible with all Aqva L size filters
  • Size: K470 x L540 x S220mm
  • A typical flow rate of up to 8 liters per minute.

Filter life:

  1. AQMF1-L, 1 µm pre-filter: capacity approx. 18 000 l.*
  2. AQ051X, AQVA MAX filter: capacity approx. 30 000 l when COD max. 10 mg/l *
  3. FCCBKDF10BB filter: capacity approx.50 000 l.*

*Filter capacities depend on the overall water quality. Test water quality with Aqva Water Analysis to ensure suitability of the filters.

Product code: AQ3L-MF1-MAX-KDF

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