Product code: AQ101MIKRO


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The package includes the Aqva L size filter Housing (FH10B1-B-WB) pressure gauge, mounting bracket, casing tensioning key and filter (050404) filter.

Aqva L-Size post-filter for the effective removal of microbiological impurities from the water in whole or in part.

Suitable for all Aqva L size filter housings. Type is standard 10 "inch BB.

The filter also contains the most large-scale activated carbon, which reduces the number of pollutants, but particularly effective in non-water odors and flavors originating from sources such as ELO or nature.

Also eliminates the flavors of new pipes or, for example, the clean-water plants of the reverse osmosis equipment.

The cleaning is based on a very tight mechanical sieve, which makes it necessary to pre-clean water (for example, for fines, humor and iron).

The finishing filter eliminates up to 50% of prefiltering.


  • 99.99% of Bacteria
  • Odors and Flavors


  • When the average flow rate is 15 liters per minute, 300 000 liters

Pressure reduction:

  • When the flow rate is 15 liters per minute, 0, 8bar.

Product code: AQ101MIKRO

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