Product code: AQ1L-CM


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Activated Carbon Post Filter in AQVA L Housing (10" BB) reduces bacteria and improves the taste and odour of water.

Filter is a combination of active carbon and microfiltration fibres. Suitable for all AQVA L-size hosings.

•Bacteria, cysts, mold
•Some taste and odour

Package includes

•L size active coal post filters, with 1 µm pore size (050404)

•L size housing (AQ1XL).

•When average flow rate is 15 lpm, 30 000 - 300 000 liters *depends on water  quality

Pressure drop:
•When average flow rate is 15 lpm, 0,8bar.

  • Replacement filer: 050404


  • 1" threads.

Size: 34 cm x 18 cm + wall mounting bracket height 13 cm

Sufficient pre-filtration is required if water contains organic matter, solids matter or for example iron which could stuck the filter faster than expected.

Product code: AQ1L-CM

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