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The package includes 3 pre-installed filter housings on a steel rack, as card card-body as filters.

The first step is to remove visible and invisible solids from 1 µm (1/1000-part millimeters) filter. This step also eliminates part of the humus, which has a theoretical average of 0.45 µm. In the next step, from the water it removes most common humic types, some iron, odors, flavors, organic and chemical compounds. In the final phase, the third step is to remove more humus and most of the possible bacteria that passes through the first stage by 0.2 µm filtration.

  • AQVA L Koon filter housing
  • Pressure gauges, both on the water inlet and on the starting side, which makes it easy to find, for example, filter exchange.
  • 1” inch internal brass reinforced thread
  • No need for electricity
  • No sanitation
  • Housing key
  • Normally installed after pressure water tank
  • Compatible with all Aqva L size filters
  • Certified and NSF approved for materials and structure
  • Can stand with rubber pockets or mount on the wall
  • Manufactured in the EU
  • Size: K470 x L540 x S220mm
  • A typical flow rate of up to 8 liters per minute.
  • Filters capacity approximately 18 000 liters, humus filter capacity about 53 000 liters and the theoretical capacity of micro-filter 60 000 liters of lake water, but this is greatly influenced by the type and particle size of the humus.

Replace Filter:

  • FCPS1M10B
  • AQVA MAX: AQ051X
  • 050404


Product code: HB101MHU

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