Product code: AQ1L-MAX


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Aqva MAX L size filter and housing for filtration of humus and traces of iron and manganese.

The package includes filter housing as card card-body as Aqva MAX humus filter.

•1" internal brass reinforced connections

•No need for electricity

•Normally installed after the pressurized water tank

•Compatible with all AQVA L size filters

•Size: height 34 cm x 18 cm + wall mounting bracket height 13 cm

•Max flow 10 l/min (1-2 water outlets)

•Max humus concentration 5-15 mg/l COD or 20-60 mg/l KMnO4

•Filter life approximately 7 000-15 000 liters. **Filter capacity is dependent on water quality.

•Replacement filter: AQ051X


Product code: AQ1L-MAX

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