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IRON 1 Filter Package with L-size. Effectively Removes iron and manganese and reduces humus.

Includes highly efficient AQVA IRON filter and L size filter casing with accessories.

Input Water Recommendations:

  1. Iron 2 mg/l (upper limit recommendation).
  2. Manganese recommendation 0.6 mg/l (upper limit recommendation).
  3. Typical flow rate approx. 10 liters per minute.
  4. pH value does not affect.

On the Technical Data tab, you can find the filter yield table

AQVA L 10-inch wider filter frame with higher filter capacities. The Enclosure fits the standard 4 ½ x 10-inch filters, i.e. AQVA L size.

Complete wall mounting bracket; Height 45, 5cm and width 17, 5cm.

  1. Manufactured in the Eu
  2. NSF Certified for pressure, materials and durability
  3. Operating pressure 6 bar.
  4. For Cold Water.
  5. 1-inch joints.
  6. Pressure meter.
  7. Pressure relief valve.
  8. Chassis tensioning Key.

Product code: AQ10BB-IRON

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