Product code: AQUF01-XL


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AQVA Ultra Filter XL size (20" BB) reduces effectively humus and microbiological impurities from water

Perfect filter for clarification of lake water.The filter removes humus and most of the possible bacteria that passes through the first stage by 0.1 µm filtration.

Compatible with all AQVA XL size filter housings

  • Pressure drop 0,3 bar @ 15 l/min flow
  • A typical flow rate of up to 15 liters per minute.
  • Requires a prefilter package. Recommended prefilter pore size: 1 µm. For example AQMF1-XL
  • Filters capacity approximately 50 000-100 000 liters *this is greatly influenced by the type and particle size of the humus.

Product code: AQUF01-XL

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