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  • Group thermostatic mixing valve for hot water circulating loops adjustable from 44°C to 58°C: 
  • Anti-scalding safety. 
  • Regulation of temperature variations. 
  • Non-return valves and filters accessible from the exterior without having to remove the mechanism.
  • Thermal cartridge with no specific lever needed (push-button on the control knob). 
  • Interchangeable cartridge with thermostatic cell. 
  • High-resistance chrome-plated brass body DZR. 
  • Maximum hot water temperature: 85°C. 
  • Differential hot water / mixed water: 15°C mini. 
  • Pressure differences at the entrance: 1 bar maximum (0.5 bar recommended). 
  • Minimum pressure / maximum: 1 to 10 bar (1 to 5 bar recommended). 
  • Left hand side hot water inlet (red ring) and right hand side cold water inlet (blue ring). 
  • Mixed water outlet at the top (purple ring) for bottom outlet: unscrew / place lid at the top and outlet connector at the bottom. 
  • 15% energy savings: optimised heat loss (comparison between a circulating loop at 55°C and a non-circulating system at 70°C). 
  • Safety and prolongation of system life span (Hot water at >65°C leads to premature aging within the system). 
  • Maximum temperature limiter, can be adjusted by the installer. 
  • Reduced risk of scalding by limiting temperature at the point-of-use. 
  • 140lpm- M1/4".
  • 10-year warranty.


  •  Hot water shut-off if cold water fails.
  •  Temperature stability.
  •  Accessible non return valves and filters.
  •  Automotive thermo-reactive cell.

Tuotekoodi: 731054

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